At LSN, our primary goal is to provide quality translations by addressing your needs and meeting your deadlines. The translation team for each project is chosen based on their subject matter, expertise and knowledge. LSN provides translations in various fields such as business, medical, legal, technical and manufacturing. 



LSN interpreters are qualified, trained professionals. Our interpreter network includes over 50 linguists, versed in 22 languages. Our interpreters are trained and work locally. They are required to attend interpreter training for medical and legal interpreting and monthly continuing education workshops.
LSN provides quality, confidential services at competitive rates. Our trained interpreters are screened professionals and are carefully selected for each setting to better serve the needs of our clients.



Our selection of services include face to face interpreting, translation, training and language evaluation services (Oral Proficiency Interviews) for bilingual professionals. Additionally, we offer Language Access Consultation, Language conversation classes and Educational training about how to work with interpreters and Limited English Proficient (LEP) clients.

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