Dear Community Partners and LSN followers,

As the COVID-19 virus spreads across the nation and world, we want to inform you about the steps Language Services Network – LSN is taking to respond and monitor the situation.

Our team is mobilizing to focus on four things, and we urge community partners everywhere to: 

  • Engage with local partners on a whole-of-community response to stem the spread of the virus. Partner with community leaders and service providers to ensure that the immigrant perspective is being taken into consideration. Caring for one another in this moment will take urgent and deliberate action. Health and safety are rooted in working together, ensuring all of us are part of the solution.

  • We recognize that our members and community partners are facing disruptions in conducting programs and outreach. Please ensure that you and your organizations are following the advice of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Indiana State Department of Health and Allen County Department of Health on individual and organizational responses to the virus. 

  • Utilize our network and social media to publish accurate information in a variety of languages. Our community partners and their networks will be critical for reaching individuals who may not be literate in their native language.

  • Make sure that our partners in the community have the right information in the right languages to share with their immigrant clients. This includes health centers, community centers and others.

At the moment, our staff members will remain available by phone and virtual methods. Any major updates will be communicated via email and social media to clients and community partners.

Working together as a community can and will play an important role, modeling how our values drive the decisions we make going forward, and we applaud the leadership already being demonstrated by so many on the local level in this moment.

Language Services Network – LSN is committed to supporting our clients and community partners with resources, connection, and timely information. At our core, LSN helps ALL immigrants in our community get accurate information and connect with meaningful resources.

Together, we can ensure that we act with resilience and strength. Our immigrant community really needs us. And we are here for them.




Language Services Network – LSN Team

Raquel A. Kline

Esmeralda Becerra Lopez

Flor Guayamo