Our Mission

The Language Services Network is a network of nonprofit language service providers devoted to the enhancement of interpreting and translation services in the Fort Wayne area. Our mission is to help our members coordinate resources and collaborate to strengthen their services. We share information with the community and promote the development of standards and the recognition of interpreters and translators as professionals.   

Language Services Network Goals

  • Network and Coordination of Resources: LSN brings together nonprofit language services providers in Fort Wayne and offers a platform where agencies can gather to network and keep abreast of local services.  LSN strives to create shared lists of interpreters qualified for distinct tasks. In order to do this, the LSN establishes qualifications of interpreters and translators based on skillsets and distinct tasks. LSN researches local and national best practice models.

  • Education, Information and Reporting: LSN educates the community on shared LSN standards and the profession of interpreters and translators.  LSN compiles a map of services and consumer access points. LSN collects information on services available locally by tracking needs and collecting shared reports. LSN uses this information to provide referrals in person, online and over the phone.

  • Professional Development: LSN supports the training of interpreters and translators for distinct tasks. LSN is committed to the advancement of professional interpreters and translators. Training is central to the continue growth and development of the profession of translation and interpreting. Professional development will provide a common base of understanding of the profession, foster the consistency with which the profession is practiced, and improve the quality of interpreting and translation services.